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An utter disgrace

I posted recently about the vile treatment of some of the models in the Bizarre Magazine Ultra Vixen competition. Well, it got worse. Mollie Hellcat’s received abuse escalated to a level I can’t believe. She had both her modelling fan page and her personal page on Facebook removed due to unfounded allegations of illicit material […]

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Emotions are very powerful things. They usually rule the most important decisions a person ever makes. Emotions make people do all sorts of things, from beautiful, generous gestures to murder and everything in between and can be invoked by many different sources from images to music to people to films to a stunning view to […]

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      Driver: Colin Batchelor Navigator: Tom Hyde Vehicle: 1995 Discovery 300 tdi Leading up to the event. Apart from the usual copious amounts of form filling vehicle preparation plays a major role in this event. The Team Chaos Discovery has now clocked up approx 250,000 miles, many of which have been in aid of fundraising events […]
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