Two in a day, crazy I know

China announced recently that it’s satellite broadcasters have cut their “entertainment” programming by two thirds. This was after a government campaign to raise the quality of programs broadcast as it views talent shows and dating shows as ‘low taste’.

I have to agree. In this country, especially if you have cable or satellite, you have hundreds of channels to choose from but many seem constantly populated by reality tv. From talent shows (be they dance, ice skating, variety, or singing, and no Mr Cowell, you weren’t the first, every hear of Opportunity Knocks?) to cooking shows to fly on the wall garbage such as ‘The only way is Essex’ the airwaves are full of trash tv.

Unfortunately the tv companies only make this stuff because we (well, not me personally) watch it. I’m sure the morons the appear on the Jeremy Kyle show only do so so as to give their Z-list career a start.

I think they should all be relegated to just two tv channels. One for the people wanting to be a minor celebrity, I mean, how many ex X-Factor, Big brother et al former contestants can you actually remember, and one for ‘celebrities’ trying to give their dead career a boost by eating Kangaroo testicles and showering on tv in a waterfall, or by being paid vast sums to learn to dance or ice skate.

According to one tabloid, some of the talentless muppets from “TOWIE” stand to make millions this year from………errrrr……….not a clue. I know one aspires to be the next Katie Price but let’s face it, if it were not for her brothers business skill, Miss Price would have disappeared into the doldrums years ago.

Anyway, let’s hope that 2012 brings television producers an audience with a greater average IQ and they move away from the lowest common denominator programming and stop allowing people with no discernible talent to build a career merely by being there!

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