PSN returns

Well the Playstation Network has returned. After being offline since being hacked in April and the details of some 77 million members being potentially revealed to the hacker(s) the PSN has now, in many parts of the world, gone back online.

As an apology for the problems Sony are giving users registered before the breech of security a choice of two free games to download and keep forever. Not bad by way of apology.

Now I am more than aware of all the X-Box owners that have been gloating at the disruption to the PSN, saying how it wouldn’t happen to Microsoft. Well, don’t worry, no doubt a hacker somewhere is working on that.

But, and this is the bit they seem to forget. The PSN is, erm, what is the word I’m looking for, oh yes, it’s FREE!!!!!! X-Box live isn’t. As a result I would not expect to complain if the PSN is down for a few weeks while security is improved whereas if I had paid for a service I’d be a bit annoyed at this delay in service restoration and that of the hack in the first place. Yes the PS3 is more expensive than the X-Box to buy in the first place but that’s because it’s a PS3 and ergo, better than an X-Box. No argument is accepted on this point and I’ll be putting my fingers in my ears to protect for the wrath of abuse that will follow from X-Box owners.

Anyway, it’s nice the network is back on, means I can lose many hours doing nothing other than shooting random people in a virtual world.

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One Response to PSN returns

  1. Mike says:

    Well said, and don’t forget:
    – 30 days free Playstation Plus subscription
    – 60 days extra for existing subscribers (that me)

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