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Senility here I come

Well I think I’m really starting to lose my mind. It started when I was seated in front of the pc wondering why it was cold. Then it occurred to me I ought to turn up the heating as I hadn’t since coming in. On it’s own that’s not a hugely stunning admission of loss […]

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Two in a day, crazy I know

China announced recently that it’s satellite broadcasters have cut their “entertainment” programming by two thirds. This was after a government campaign to raise the quality of programs broadcast as it views talent shows and dating shows as ‘low taste’. I have to agree. In this country, especially if you have cable or satellite, you have […]

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New Year. New ideas. New approach.

Happy New Year all. Wow, six months since my last post. Why the failings? Well, like many bloggers, I start off with the best intentions to bring you some ramble or something every week but it usually falls by the wayside. I often hear myself saying “I can blog about that [recent incident/observation] later” and […]

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How did we survive on dial-up?

Well it’s been a fairly hectic month. I’ve moved house now and whilst that is potentially stressful it hasn’t been to bad an experience. Not one I plan on repeating for a while though, where does all this stuff come from? Anyway, part of moving means you need to arrange insurances, utilities, tv packages and […]

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PSN returns

Well the Playstation Network has returned. After being offline since being hacked in April and the details of some 77 million members being potentially revealed to the hacker(s) the PSN has now, in many parts of the world, gone back online. As an apology for the problems Sony are giving users registered before the breech […]

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