Senility here I come

Well I think I’m really starting to lose my mind. It started when I was seated in front of the pc wondering why it was cold. Then it occurred to me I ought to turn up the heating as I hadn’t since coming in. On it’s own that’s not a hugely stunning admission of loss of brain function but what happened next could be.

I decided on soup for dinner. No big hassle, open the tin the nice people at Heinz put a ring pull on (yes I am that lazy at times), pour into a plastic dish and microwave, job done. Well it is done if you put the soup in the microwave. It seems however it doesn’t heat very well when you place the soup in the fridge. In my lame defence, the fridge is next to the microwave. I know, it’s a poor excuse but it’s the only one I could come up with.

On the subject of microwaves, I seem to have a nagging microwave. Not only does it beep when it has finished heating (expected) but if you fail to come and collect your food after a minute or so, it’ll start to beep at you like a nagging wife! 🙂


Okay so this was a pretty pointless post but at least it was a post. Now to come up with something vaguely interesting to write next time!

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Two in a day, crazy I know

China announced recently that it’s satellite broadcasters have cut their “entertainment” programming by two thirds. This was after a government campaign to raise the quality of programs broadcast as it views talent shows and dating shows as ‘low taste’.

I have to agree. In this country, especially if you have cable or satellite, you have hundreds of channels to choose from but many seem constantly populated by reality tv. From talent shows (be they dance, ice skating, variety, or singing, and no Mr Cowell, you weren’t the first, every hear of Opportunity Knocks?) to cooking shows to fly on the wall garbage such as ‘The only way is Essex’ the airwaves are full of trash tv.

Unfortunately the tv companies only make this stuff because we (well, not me personally) watch it. I’m sure the morons the appear on the Jeremy Kyle show only do so so as to give their Z-list career a start.

I think they should all be relegated to just two tv channels. One for the people wanting to be a minor celebrity, I mean, how many ex X-Factor, Big brother et al former contestants can you actually remember, and one for ‘celebrities’ trying to give their dead career a boost by eating Kangaroo testicles and showering on tv in a waterfall, or by being paid vast sums to learn to dance or ice skate.

According to one tabloid, some of the talentless muppets from “TOWIE” stand to make millions this year from………errrrr……….not a clue. I know one aspires to be the next Katie Price but let’s face it, if it were not for her brothers business skill, Miss Price would have disappeared into the doldrums years ago.

Anyway, let’s hope that 2012 brings television producers an audience with a greater average IQ and they move away from the lowest common denominator programming and stop allowing people with no discernible talent to build a career merely by being there!

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New Year. New ideas. New approach.

Happy New Year all.

Wow, six months since my last post. Why the failings? Well, like many bloggers, I start off with the best intentions to bring you some ramble or something every week but it usually falls by the wayside. I often hear myself saying “I can blog about that [recent incident/observation] later” and then never do.

Well, let’s try again. Let’s try and blog weekly. Let’s possibly fail again at the frequency.

Some poignant that happened recently. I met a mum who’s son had caught a cold. Nothing interesting there, most kids get colds. This was different. This turned into a sinus infection that then spread to his brain. Nearly dying a number of times, he spent ten weeks in hospital, have five (six hour) operations and part of his brain removed.

The Dr’s had warned the family that he may never, walk, talk, or do anything ever again. Luckily, he has made a remarkable recovery and aside from some learning difficulty he is doing well. It’s long recovery process and will I’m sure takes it’s toll on the family but the heartening thing his mum said to me, that will stay with me was “I didn’t need to put any Christmas decorations up. The fact all my children were alive was all the sparkle I needed”.

Having known families and relatives that have lost children through illness or injury, and as a proud father myself, I can see what she means. I have always said, all the money in the world is useless if you and your loved ones don’t have health. A statement brought to the public by the departure last year of Steve Jobs. Whatever your feeling about Apple’s technology good and bad, proof that one of the world’s wealthiest technology men can’t beat his illness, no matter what resources he had at his disposal, should make you realise we’re all them same in the end.

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How did we survive on dial-up?

Well it’s been a fairly hectic month. I’ve moved house now and whilst that is potentially stressful it hasn’t been to bad an experience. Not one I plan on repeating for a while though, where does all this stuff come from?

Anyway, part of moving means you need to arrange insurances, utilities, tv packages and of course, internet.

I went with Sky for this and the process was painless. The only issue I have is the time it takes to firstly activate the phone line (two weeks) and then broadband (another ten days). Now I’d like to give the the benefit of the doubt and say it’s for technical reasons but I doubt that’s true. Anyway, that isn’t the point. During my (nearly) month long hiatus from broadband I have been using internet dongles. These have been great for just keeping up with email and social networking but for most present day internet related activities the connection the dongles could manage just wasn’t up to the job.

The other problem was that my temperamental laptop didn’t like the T-mobile dongle. It would happily sit there doing it’s thing and then, without warning, shut down. Very annoying when in the middle of writing a message or something! The Vodafone dongle however, it didn’t mind, go figure.

Now the lack of speedy dongle made me think of dial-up days. Now for some of you youngsters out there, who won’t know what dial-up is, this was an old-fashioned way to connect to the internet, whereby you would plug a ‘modem’ into the phoneline and connect to the internet at a maximum of 56.6kbps. Yes, that’s right, the best we could get was 56.6kbps and that was unusual. Now some areas have up to 20mbps available. In real terms, it meant to download just one music track could take a day. Yup, 24 magic hours. And we were impressed by that.

So, what will another decade of advancement lead to? Well I hope in ten years I can write about how we used to be pleased at 20mbps and that the speed we’ll be living in, measured hopefully in Tb a second, will be a dream.

Anyway, that’s me waffling on enough for now, will get back to regular posting soon.

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PSN returns

Well the Playstation Network has returned. After being offline since being hacked in April and the details of some 77 million members being potentially revealed to the hacker(s) the PSN has now, in many parts of the world, gone back online.

As an apology for the problems Sony are giving users registered before the breech of security a choice of two free games to download and keep forever. Not bad by way of apology.

Now I am more than aware of all the X-Box owners that have been gloating at the disruption to the PSN, saying how it wouldn’t happen to Microsoft. Well, don’t worry, no doubt a hacker somewhere is working on that.

But, and this is the bit they seem to forget. The PSN is, erm, what is the word I’m looking for, oh yes, it’s FREE!!!!!! X-Box live isn’t. As a result I would not expect to complain if the PSN is down for a few weeks while security is improved whereas if I had paid for a service I’d be a bit annoyed at this delay in service restoration and that of the hack in the first place. Yes the PS3 is more expensive than the X-Box to buy in the first place but that’s because it’s a PS3 and ergo, better than an X-Box. No argument is accepted on this point and I’ll be putting my fingers in my ears to protect for the wrath of abuse that will follow from X-Box owners.

Anyway, it’s nice the network is back on, means I can lose many hours doing nothing other than shooting random people in a virtual world.

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